Who is Cannabasics for?

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Module 1: Botanical Blueprint

Exploring Cannabis Plant Morphology

Description:  An enlightening journey exploring the intricate world of cannabis plant morphology, where we break down the anatomy and distinctive features of this versatile and captivating botanical wonder


Module 2:  Historical Highs

Ancient Origins, Modern Revelations

Description: Unearth the captivating tale of cannabis through the ages as we delve into the highs, lows, and unexpected twists that shaped its journey from ancient civilizations to modern controversy


Module 3:  Dynamic Balance

Decoding the Endocannabinoid System

Description: Unravel the mysteries of this remarkable physiological system, exploring how it interacts with cannabis compounds and unlocks the potential for holistic well-being and balance within ourselves.


Module 4:  Legal Green

Navigating Cannabis Laws

Description: Navigate the complex landscape surrounding cannabis, current regulations, and the societal implications that shape the future of this dynamic industry.


Module 5:  Explore, Engage, Evolve

Consumption Mastery

Description: From smoking and vaporizing techniques to edibles, topicals, and beyond, empowering you to make informed choices and enhance your experience.




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Angelique Z


Wit and wisdom are a hard thing to find, and Elizabeth has it in spades. Highly recommend engaging in her course content - especially for those wanting to streamline the process of learning about the plant so they can speak intelligently about its benefits, whether the goal is to demonstrate this knowledge at book club with friends or in the boardroom with colleagues.

Erin P.


Elizabeth has deep knowledge on the subject and spends a lot of time understanding what the end user needs from their experience. That gave us great comfort that we were buying the right cannabis products.

Sarah S. 


I now understand a little bit of the rich history that cannabis has played in our culture and I understand that it has so many healthy uses and that it has so many ways that it can be influential or beneficial for many different parts of the body.

Embrace the world of cannabis knowledge and elevate your understanding – enroll now to embark on an enlightening journey that will change EVERYTHING!